Site Hosting


Welcome to Calradia Site Hosting (under new management!). We offer free hosting and sub-domains to Mount&Blade associated sites.


The hosting comes with these features:

  • cPanel
  • Fantastico
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • FTP access
  • PHP5
  • Ruby on Rails
  • sub-domain. (

As for space, and bandwidth, to start, you'll have 100mb of space, and 1gb of bandwidth. If you ever need more, all you'll need to do is contact me, and I'll take it up.

We also offer sub-domains to people who don't want actual hosting, but maybe just a shorter URL for threads.

If you'd like hosting, or a subdomain, and your site is associated with Mount&Blade, feel free to contact Ivan Bajlo on the Official Mount&Blade Forums (profile) or M&B Mod Community (profile), alternatively you can e-mail me at When you contact me for hosting, be sure to provide the username, and sub-domain you'd like. Also be sure to include your email if you're contacting me via the Official Forums. Please include what your site is going to be, too.

Hosted websites.


What rules? Besides obvious which that your website needs to be Mount&Blade related I believe previous owner was little soft and that is why there wasn't too many websites hosted and work on mods was slow... I plan to assist newbies with administrations to help prevent hacking and spamming but there are few rules moders and hosters need to follow!

  1. NO SLACKING! Any mod which is slow or late with development or website which hasn't been updated in months punishment is twenty lashes!
  2. NO BUGS or 404! For each bug I find in a mod and for each missing page 404 I run into it punishment is another lash! If my game crashes that is another ten lashes!
  3. NO SURRENDER! Once you start only excuse out I except is death, if you quit you shall be dismembered as traitor.
  4. NO PAGANS! Heretics who question my divine authority will be "punyshed by deth in ye fyre"!

Now get back to work serfs!